Art Showcase


oldest cave painting
This cave painting was thought to be one of the oldest in the world located in Malaysia (thanks to for the picture)

The fact that this painting being very, VERY old and is still preserved is incredible and just how good the animals are in this shows that they did this many times before.

 19th Century Native American Painting
This painting was made by native americans in the 19th century. (

This is a very rugged painting on a buffalo hide that is of the tribe cheif as you can tell by the head dress and I think the color pallete is very natural.

Viking Axe Head
Vikings would put celtic designs into their armor and weapons and even on their longboats. (

I love history and so I can tell you alot about it such as Vikings were amazing blacksmiths putting all kinds of designs into their weaponry. Even if this axe head saw combat or not it is still a beautiful peice of art.

Ancient Roman Floor
This is a marble piece floor in an ancient Roman home. (

This is an ellegant marble tile floor of an ancient Roman villa that is still standing to this day. At one point people lived in this home and walked on this floor.

Chinese Painting
This is an ancient Chinese painting from the Song Dynasty (

This ancient Chinese painting is very beautiful and the way it is made is very neat. It has the title and description going across the picture like most ancient Chinese paintings.

Crusades Painting
This painting is from the Crusades when the Knights Templar was battling for control of Jerusalem. (

This painting is demonstrating that the Templar were angels and they are from heaven. It was published in Jerusalem to most likely get more followers of the Crusaders.

Face of Venus
This renaissance painting was of the face of Venus. (

This painting of Venus is a very nice piece from the Renaissance and shows how the Roman goddess of beauty is beautiful.

Mona Lisa
This piece of art is very popular, the Mona Lisa was painted during the Renaissance Era by Leonardo Da Vinci. (

The Mona Lisa is a very nice and realistic piece but thats not what makes it so valuable. The Mona Lisa's history of being stolen is what makes it so popular

Washington Crossing the Delaware
This is a famous painting made in the 1800s by Artist Emanuel Leutze that shows George Washington crossing the Delaware River. (

In the U.S. this is a very famous piece because it shows the night George Washington crossed the Deleware River to take a Hessian camp on Christmas night.

Black Beard
This illustration was used during the "Golden Age" of piracy from 1715-1718 to show Black Beard or Edward Teach and his ship "Queen Anne's Revenge" (

One of my favorite people from history, Edward Teach or "BlackBeard" is an imfamous pirate legend from the West-Indies around 1715. This was a newspaper picture put in papers all over the West-Indies so the Royal Navy could find him.