Art Showcase

Post-1900s (Now)

Dispersion by Julie Mehretu's in 2002 (

This painting is very abstract but in a way makes an image. To me it almost looks like a small passage in a bush.

The Hinterland
The Hinterland by Glenn Brown in 2006 (

This image is showing what appears to be a big mess of people pushed together and I think the artist was sad.

 100 years ago
100 Years Ago by Peter Doig in 2000(

This is a man on a canoe. He is kind of kind of a vapor so I think this is a ghost from 100 years ago.

Lion Occupying the Throne in my Heart
Lion Occupying the Throne in my Heart by Takashi Murakami in 2018 (

This image is very cool because I have always liked the symbolism in skulls and the color is great.

Girl with Balloon
Girl With Balloon by Banksy in 2002 (

This is one of my favorite pictures because of the symbolism. I think it tells of how fragile love is and not every child can be loved growing up.

Slave Labor
Slave Labor by Banksy in 2012 (

Another image by Banksy that protests child labor by having a boy make the Union Jack.

Mobile Lovers
Mobil Lovers by Banksy in 2014 (

This picture represents that people are more attached to their phones than family and spouses. Even best friends.

Self Portrait
Self Portrait by Chuck Close in 2005 (

Chuck Close has a disability that makes it hard for him to make out faces. He invented a way to paint faces by making little squares and icons. The picture is of him.

James with close up detail by Chuck Close in 2004 (

Another incredible face painting by Chuck Close.

Yellow Pumpkin by Yayoi Kusama in 2013 (

This is a clay pumpkin that has a black and yellow pattern on it.