Art Showcase


The Young Ladies of Avignon
The Young Ladies of Avignon is an abstract piece by Paublo Picasso in 1907 (

The Young Ladies of Avignon is a very well made abstract piece. I'm not a big fan of abstract pieces but at leats in this one you can see the ladies the title reffers to.

The Old Guitarist
The Old Guitarist by Paublo Picasso in 1903 (

The Old Guitarist is a nice piece. It shows what appears to be an old man that is close to the end of his life, but he continues to play his guitar.

The Boy Named Alligator
The Boy Named Alligator by Kathleen Blackshear in 1930(

The Boy Named Alligator is a painting of a slave child from the 1800s. He appears to be not working but just relaxing on a hay bale maybe in protest.

Localization of Graphic Motifs II
Localization of Graphic Motifs II by Frantisek Kupka in 1913 (

This piece is so colorful I couldn't not put it on this list. The colors are amazing

Baby(Cradle) by Gustav Klimt in 1918 (

This painting was most likely made because the artist or one of his friends lost a baby during WWI since this was at the end of the war.

The Farm
The Farm by Joan Miró in 1922 (

This nice painting shows a cartoonish style of a spanish farm and it has very saturated colors to define that the artist was happy growing up on a farm.

Abstract and Untitled
Untitled Composition by Joaquín Torres-García in 1929 (

This untitled painting might be some ancient Aztec or Mayan wall in an old temple or pyramid. The artist could have taken a trip to one of these sights.

Classic Landscape
Classic Landscape by Charles Sheeler in 1931 (

I don't know if Classic Landscape was a sarcastic title or it was just named that because it is a landscape drawing. I'll choose the latter since this is the 1930s and pollution wasn't a serious problem yet. The drawing shows a factory and it looks realistic.

Lavender Mist
Lavender Mist by Jackson Pollock in 1950 (

Lavender Mist is an abstract piece with alot of different materials put into it's production. It is carlessly strewn about the page making it a unique and lovely piece.

99 cent
99 cent by Andreas Gursky in 1999 (

This piece shows a 99 cent store and it is so realistic that I thought it was a colorized picture at first. It is very good and this was drawn at the turn of the century.