Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

Art Before the 1900s

Art has been around for however long you believe humanity has graced the Earth. We have found art drawn by people thousands of years ago. From cave paintings to renaisance artists making great paintings and murals. One of my favorite pieces from before the 1900s has to be "Starry Night" by Vincent Van Gogh, Shown above. It portrays a beautiful town under a starry night sky. It shows just how gorgeous art was then.

Picasso's Blue Period

Art During the 1900s

Art during the 1900s and especially during the early 1900s went from drawing scenic landscapes to more abstract pieces. Paublo Picasso was very famous for his abstract art. Abstract art was artwork of an image but distorted with strange shapes and colors. Some aren't even images they are just shapes and colors laid out across the page. It is not my favorite type of art but I do really like Picasso's Blue stage from 1901-1904. This image above is one of Picasso's blue pictures.

Banksy's Flower Thrower

Art After the 1900s

Art after the 1900s into the 2000s is alot different. Instead of the world being devoted to a certain type of art, it is very diverse. Artists are making abstract. Artists are doing my favorite which is landscape and scenery drawings. I like realism. Some artist such as Banksy are doing political and anti-hate paintings. Banksy does his in a graffiti style. He makes art on the sides of buildings at night to show the bad in the world today. My favorite is the flower thrower, above. Banksy made this piece to show love instead of hate. The gangster is throwing flowers instead of a molotov.

Meet Jacob, the Author!

Jacob Whitehead is an student from Chattanooga, TN. This website was made for artists and to showcase some great artwork. More will be added on to the site. Hopefully some features to showcase historic artwork or share art with the world. It will be here shortly. will be a great website oneday. I have been drawing since I was a little kid, I hope one day my art will be as good as some of the greatist artists in history.

Some of Jacobs Drawings